Friday, June 17, 2016

Danger Lies Ahead

Dear friends, family and supporters of this/our/my campaign for State Rep, and others,
I am grateful to you all for considering me as your Representative and for donating your time and efforts and donations to make this campaign possible. You enabled me to keep a promise to my late husband, six years ago (today would be our 17th Anniversary) that I would get on the ballot. We got 18 percent.

Democrats contested my right to be on the ballot in 2009 as a Maine Independent for the US Senate, and they have successfully kept me from succeeding in this race, though of course, they didn't do it alone. Well, yes, pretty much they did. Our efforts were sufficient such that, without massive help from the Party, we would have had victory-- which is beside the point here, as it has been in my other races.

This letter is not the place to spell out all the ways that the forces worked together to keep this outsider from getting 'in'. That was never going to happen. I had to give us all, myself included, enough foolish hope to try and that is what matters. YOU matter. However, this race was in the bag for Denk from the start, which honesty requires me to say.

Despite this rather indisputable fact, given the prevailing establishment-run conditions of our state and country, you have participated in a significant race, one that will help the progressive cause carried out by Bernie Sanders, those before him, those trying now, and those who will continue to press for change.

We, simply, pressed for change. We named the foes to freedom and true security. We called fear out by name. We challenged those who oppose the needs of people for radical change, in the form of political revolution. We exposed corruption and named it specifically and locally. See the evidence at We will continue to make it clear for those who wish to believe otherwise. (Visit our new blog:  Change is often a nasty though basic necessity if we are to endure as a nation.

There are so many who don't or won't care to hear this clarion call, which I echoed locally, until things get even more fully dire. How can the imminent election of a world class megalomaniac be not dire, I ask you? Rome is burning while Hillary dithers with her Foundation Funders and the balking Senators and those reprobates in our midst who will not heed the necessity for reform. We have the FDR of our day; woe to us if we don't elect him.

Denial is a disease I have personally battled, and have prevailed, to this point, where I can throw down the gauntlet in any direction. I have escaped the common addiction prevalent among Democrats, to equivocation and mediocrity. There are benefits to truth telling. I plan to double down.

Recovered alcoholics, like myself, understand the often fatal mistake of self-dishonesty. Not telling the truth to ourselves, and/or harboring greed, resentment and fear are the four calling cards of doom. We battle them every day and guard against their poisons as though they would kill, because they do. We kill ourselves and others when we allow spiritual maladies to rule our thoughts and actions.

Knowing this, believing this, and practicing this, I have endeavored to find a way through a race I did not originally choose for myself. I stepped in and answered the call put out by Denk and the Party for a volunteer. I saw the need for a challenge to a Republican incumbent's return to the Legislature, thereby increasing the veto power of the Governor.

Had I known that the secret intention of the Party was for Denk to run all along, I don't know if I would have run anyway, so I am glad I did not know. Her politics will serve to keep the power people happy, and the voters she used to get this to go her way will not be considered until re-election time, 2018.

I was barely able to make the case against her, due to media gamesmanship and Party interference. Most of my effort went into getting word of my website out to the public to make my own case more fully understood.

Although this was a failed strategy, there are those who will find some use in our example. We must press on, and recognize where our interests as a people have been thwarted, propagandized and sabotaged. We must not continue to be complicit in our own self-undoing. We have the world to answer to, as well as our own consciences.

I have searched to see if there is a better way I could have done this and don't see any misguided intentions. That's remarkable. Practice helps and I have been at this running for office thing for awhile. It is necessary for people to exercise their freedoms while they still may, however, formidable it proves. Under a President Clinton, much of what we cherish about our freedom will be ruthlessly exterminated. Consolidation of power and all that. Her history of retribution should not be underestimated.

Sadly, this will also happen locally, since two representatives, Denk and Deschambault, are so solidly in lockstep with the Party elite, to whom they owe some pretty heavy allegiance. Forget their support for minimum wage and many other things called for by Sanders. When Denk goes to the July Democratic Convention all our other delegates will hear from her, our new DNC Rep for Maine, is the need to submit to Hillary. 

Forget her actual fight against the superdelegate system. The Party sunk Diane Russell's campaign by flooding it with dirty money. She was the anti-superdelegate champion, but she was jettisoned. As of course, was I.

You will not see our Reps stand for anything which will impinge their upward climb. You can only kick as this materializes in the coming years, for refusing to see this coming. Sorry. I tried to tell you.

Let's hope the rest of the legislature makes it hard for our new local representatives to succeed in their ambitions. Theirs shall prove to be a death spiral further and further into the eye of the elitist, corporate controllers of our lives. We must impede their alliance with those who do not adhere to our Maine Constitution, and its direction for a common wealth, which so many have suffered and died to defend.

I did not take this race lightly. Nor should you. The media has a lot to account for, in making our campaign appear inconsequential. You should all take your elections even more seriously in future. Excuses fall pretty flat when you have nobody around to excuse your own ignorant refusal to learn from basic historical warnings, from gadfly agitators, when we offer sound advice. Take heed.

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