Thursday, June 16, 2016

Inspiration INTO Action

Inspiration INTO Action

Something I have learned in being an activist who has run for state and congressional office three times now, is that we have to be realistic as well as idealistic. That does not mean that we have to be simplistic or defeatist in any way.
I have had some people recently become very angry with me for showing a lack of Party Unity and 'divisiveness'. Clintonites to the core. That won't work with me; I don't fly in V-formation like a goose. I follow my conscience. Freedom lies in the telling of the truth.
I disagree with those who think we have to submit to the Clintons and allow them to make the country worse, so we can organize inside the Party to fight against them. It will be a disaster giving them the reins of power again. We have not recovered from the things Bill did last time when he turned the Democratic Party over to the Republicans with his ‘Centrist' policies leading the way to Neoliberalism and the Neocons.
We of the loyal opposition, Ralph Nader and other independents and anti-war activists alike, were swift boated, marginalized and penalized, even venalized for being true to progressive causes and not compromising our platforms. We were and are not dead, but are treated as though invisible.
Only until Sanders was able to convince people to try to work within the Democratic Party, via Political Revolution, and created a groundswell by brilliantly staying on message, did we have a message that could be brought forward in hopes of organizing a mass movement.
That is why I rejoined the Democrats—to bring Sander’s platform forward. That is the only reason to be a Democrat that I can see, since the high ground is the place to fight. There is no other significant high ground in the Party, there are only those of us left in a field that will be exterminated under a Clinton resurgence.
We have Sander's message but if Sanders bows to Hillary, we won’t have his leadership. It is not acceptable to leave the soldiers in the field unprotected from the Hawk. Sanders must either continue on or appoint a new leader to fill his place.
Hillary cannot be the only one we look to or trust; she is the ‘Bloody Mary’ of our day and she will retaliate—look to her record, and take extreme heed.
To support him early on, Sanders called us out of the fields of our endeavors and into the arenas of battle for his cause, our true cause, of saving the Country from oligarchic imperialism. He should look to those of us who have stood with him and called for Revolution.
We are being actively targeted for opposing the ‘Royalty'. The playbook has been used on his followers. My campaign was rendered trivial by a script following media, obscuring Sander’s message which I attempted to bring forward. The Primary is Tuesday but with Party conspiring it is clear that the outcome will reflect the favoritism continually shined on my ‘Bernie-lite’ opponent.
The media has done its sharpshooting on all our campaigns. Without Sanders message to support the groundswell for our efforts in running on Sander’s platform, it will not prevail under a Clinton Presidency, long enough to provide any reform within the Party.
The anti-war effort, under Obama has been said to have died, which is untrue--it was killed off, as was Occupy. We have stood our ground holding out hope for leadership. My White House rally to oppose Obama’s surge in 2009 stands on record as anti-war leaders and Presidential Candidates united, and all spoke as one. No media was present, but it is recorded on my website at
We stand, still, but we have been treated as though we were the walking dead. This will also happen to the Sanderites if Sanders stops his fight.
Look to history for an example. We will be the intellectuals culled for extermination 'by a thousand cuts'. It cannot be acceptable, in my view, for Sanders to run a progressive, REVOLUTIONARY campaign and then abandon the field with so many millions of fighters ready to continue.
Sanders must choose amongst the faithful in his following. I suggest that leadership should go to Chris Hedges and Jill Stein.
Those who have called for Hillary to be our ‘unifier’ are deluded and are not to be empowered or trusted to lead the efforts forward. Following the Party ‘Unifiers’ is a weak, contrite, self-muted non-option which must be abandoned.
Furthermore, we cannot believe that the Democratic National Convention will provide justice or any Clinton concessions. The Democratic Party will silence delegates just the way that it did in the state conventions, where the State Party decided which delegates were malleable, enough to be chosen as their acceptable representatives. That means soft on Bernie.
There will be those who think they got chosen entirely on their own organizing merits. They did not notice that the Party in Maine had final decision over the delegate count at the state convention: delegate votes were tallied with no oversight accountability. When Bartlett walked the results alone up to the podium and announced them, there was no quorum to dispute the tallies. Suppression is real.
Therefore the fight is still in the field, though not at the National level, unless Bernie breaks rank.
We are left with a scrambled field. The General is not dead but he is not declaring where the standard will be placed. This is a failed strategy at present. The actual fight, as it stands now, is now going to be waged in the streets of Philadelphia, July 25 to 28.

UPDATE: There are indications that there is direction coming forth.  More anon.

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