Monday, July 4, 2016

Staged Coup in Ukraine


Watch my seven minute excerpt below.  Full transcript included at my YouTube site.

There is also a link there to the full video from RT.

STEPHEN COHEN: In November 2013 the EU told Yanukovich, then the President of Ukraine: “sign an agreement with us or go to Russia”, and Putin said “why do they have to choose, let’s have a three-way agreement of trade and financial aid to Kiev” - you remember that, it was very clear. Lavrov, Russian foreign office and everybody… and Europe said “No” and Washington said “No, we can’t do that”. Now, what’s happened: near a year later, they ask Putin “please come to Minsk and discuss with Poroshenko. Russia, Ukraine and Europe, the three-way deal.” Four thousand people have died, one million people have been turned into refugees, the Donbas has been destroyed for the agreement that could have happened without one shot fired in November one year ago.
. . .
Why did the West exclude Russia from the negotiations in November, that’s the question. Do you know the reason why? What would you think?
SOPHIE SHEVARDNADZE: What?  Well, you tell me.
STEPHEN COHEN: I think it was about NATO expansion, that trade agreement.

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