Monday, July 4, 2016

Wolfowitz Doctrine: Destroy all former Soviet client states

Wolfowitz Doctrine:
Destroy all former Soviet client states
 —"We're gonna take down seven countries in five years" Gen. Wesley Clark —

General Clark, former Supreme Commander of NATO, was astonished to hear, immediately after 9/11, from one of his former subordinates, that the Bush administration was going to invade Iraq.  "Why??" he asked, but the other general did not know.  A few weeks later, the full story came through — "We're gonna take down seven countries in five years".

All our wars are phony wars, all our excuses for wars are phony excuses.

That is lesson #1.  We are predators, not saviors.

Watch the brief version of his statement here, recorded in an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, before a live audience at the 92nd St. Y in New York City.

If you're wondering why the videos below are missing, it's because YouTube has blocked them.  Not that it won't show them, just won't let me link to them.

A text file on my website ( contains the links

On a different occasion, before the Commonwealth Club of California, Gen. Clark explains the significance of the Wolfowitz Doctrine.  It was, he tells us, "a coup - a policy coup".

It must be noted here that Paul Wolfowitz is one of the foremost disciples of Leo Strauss, the University of Chicago "philosopher" and father of Neo-Conservatism.  Listen to the general's account of his early meeting with the Defense Department official.  Very important information that every American needs to understand, and far too few have even heard of.

You can also view the full hour-long 2007 interview
 from which the first clip was taken at Democracy Now! below.

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